Through support from our friends at the NJ Farm Bureau working with the NJ Dept. of Agriculture, we have been awarded a grant which will allow us to waive the hunters portion of the processing fees for hunter donated deer having a field dressed weight of 50 lbs or more for the entire 2023/2024 hunting season. The total fees butchers receive have been increased to $100/ deer.The fee to hunters for deer having a field dressed weight under 50 lbs will be at $50.00.

HHH originally started to assist hunters who could harvest more deer than they could use personally. Over the years our mission has been expanded. 1) we continue to pay butchering costs for hunters who are able to take more deer than they can use 2) we support various municipal/private property owners that pay for the butchering process directly while they attempt to reduce deer populations on their property and 3) we now are setting aside a portion of the Dept of Agriculture grant(s) to support and pay for butchering of deer taken by farmers and their agents during depredation hunts.

All of our efforts ultimately help the food bank system in New Jersey and those families less fortunate.

Supporters & Sponsors

We would like to thank the following businesses for their support and their annual donation to help HHH help New Jersey’s hungry.

Hudson Farm Foundation

NJ Farm Bureau

NJ Fish & Wildlife

NJ Dept. of Agriculture

John Johnson Automotive Group

Lehigh Valley Chapter Safari Club International

Black Knight Bowbenders

United Bowhunters of NJ

NRA Foundation

Bergen County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs

Quakertown Recreation Club Inc.

Voller’s Family Foundation Inc.

Sussex County Conservation Foundation Inc.

Edmund & Frances Taussig Foundation

Holt Charitable Foundation

Jambalaya LLC

New Jersey Fur Harvesters

New Jersey Fur Harvesters

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