Hunters Helping the Hungry are in desperate need for funds!!

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Only 6 weeks into the current deer hunting seasons; HHH has already processed over 8,200 pounds of venison! For the entire deer season in September, 2009 through February 2010; HHH processed only 15,000 pounds.

We are running out of money to pay the butchers. Hungry families served by over 400 food pantries, kitchens, church organization and other generous organizations want venison. Venison is low fat and low cholesterol and, of course, high in protein which makes venison a very valuable food product and healthy alternative for distribution in the food bank system.

Hunters participate in the program by donating deer through an approved butcher to the NORWESCAP (Phillipsburg, NJ) or Ocean-Monmouth Food Banks or Food Bank of South Jersey. Processing fees are paid to the butcher by HHH from a fund consisting of donations and grants. Approved butchers are inspected by the State of New Jersey Health Department. Hunters not only spend time hunting and money for licenses and permits, but they also donate $10 to $65 of the professional meat processing fee when they drop a deer off for processing.

HHH is a non-profit 501-c3 organization. A small group of volunteers sit on the board of HHH and receive no compensation for their efforts. All administrative duties are supplied by the volunteer board members. Butcher processing fees are also discounted from normal retail fees by the approved butchers. Everyone who is a part of HHH helps through their donations, volunteerism and generosity.

Donations to Hunters Helping the Hungry, Inc. can be mailed to HHH, P.O. Box 587, Lebanon, New Jersey 08833 or through Paypal.


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