Immediately following the 6 day deer season the donation requested from hunters will be dropped for deer over 50 lbs. dressed hanging weight. Hunters will not be required to donate cash as well as deer for the balance of the 2016/2017 seasons. We are encouraging all hunters to continue harvesting deer after the traditional season and assist our friends in the food bank system. Venison has become a very valuable item at the food banks. Donations will still be accepted if hunters wish to help with the cost of processing, but will not be mandatory. This is only for the time frame of December 12th through February 2017 seasons. And only applies to field dressed deer that are over 50 pounds.

Start saving on your energy bill and help HHH

START SAVING on your Electric Bill today by switching to Viridian Energy!!! You will save approximately 10% on your electric bill and Viridian will pay $2 per month / per meter to Hunters Helping the Hungry. It’s a WIN/WIN opportunity! Your monthly bill and all service issues will still come from your current electric company. It’s FREE to switch, FREE to cancel at any time AND IT’S A GREEN PRODUCT which helps the environment! Sign up today!

You can sign up by telephone (residential or commercial accounts) or on-line (residential only). Either way have your current electric bill handy.

By making the change in to Viridian in December, 2010 you’ll receive an additional 10% off your first bill with Viridian and HHH will receive an extra boost too. Please don’t let this note get lost on “the pile” do it now!

  1. On-Line: go to Make sure you put in the “/HHH”
  2. Click on the green leaf in the right hand corner that says “Become a customer”
  3. Follow the 3 steps
    • Step 1 – Have your electric bill handy and go to Utilities and Service Rates and type in your zip code. Then select your utility company, select account class (residential), select rate plan (Everyday Green or Pure Green) and click Proceed.
    • Step 2 – Type in your name, address, Customer Number (this in NOT your account number), etc as shown on your electric bill and click Proceed.
    • Step 3 – Type in telephone, E-mail and E-signature and hit Submit.

By Telephone: call Viridian at (866)-663-2508 to sign up. Please advise Viridian that you are with Hunters Helping the Hungry (Associate ID number 10963).

Contact Debbie with any questions at or 908-735-4438 x 101.

Thank you for your support. please give us your ideas of how we can improve funding and the entire process!

Lester Giese