• For the 2017/2018 season, the $10.00 donation for deer over 50 lbs. dressed hanging weight will remain the same.
  • The donation for deer under 50 lbs. will now be $30.00.
  • During the 2018 Winter bow season, hunters will not be required to donate cash as well as deer for deer over 50 lbs. Hunters donating deer under 50 lbs. will still be asked to pay the first $30.00 of the processing fee.
Venison has become a very valuable item at the food banks. Donations will still be accepted if hunters wish to help with the cost of processing, but will not be mandatory.

How to Donate your Legally Harvested Deer

After tagging your deer, and calling for your transportation number, take your deer to one of the participating butchers listed on our website, and in the hunter’s digest. The food bank is not allowed to distribute the meat unless the deer is processed at a butcher that has been inspected by the State Health Dept. All participating butchers have passed this inspection.

Fill out the form at the butcher shop (name, address, license number, transportation number, etc).

If the dressed weight of your deer is more than 50 lbs, you pay at least the first $10 of the processing fee, and HHH pays the balance. If the dressed weight of your deer is less than 50 lbs, then you pay at least the first $25 of the processing fee. HHH is not a state funded program. All funding comes from donations, and fundraisers. Since there have been years when we had to close the program down during the hunting season due to lack of funding, we need to ask the hunter to share in the processing fee.

The butcher will then process your deer, and the food bank will pick your processed deer up at the butcher, and distribute the meat to various food pantries, emergency shelters, churches, etc. Your deer, and your willingness to share in the cost of the processing fees will then help feed hungry families in New Jersey.

Thank you for being a vital part of the Hunters Helping the Hungry program!