• Due to the increased cost in processing fees (From $65.00 to $75.00), the hunter fee will increase from $10.00 to $20.00 as of the 2018 / 2019 season for deer weighing 50 lbs or more (dressed weight), and will increase from $30.00 to $40.00 for deer weighing less than 50 lbs.
  • During the early season (from Sept. 8 til Sept. 28), the hunter's fee will be waived, except for small deer (dressed weight under 50 lbs), where the hunter's fee will remain at $40.00.
  • The hunter's fee will also be waived from the day following the six-day firearm season until the end of Winter bow season (from Dec. 9, 2018 - Feb. 16, 2019), except for small deer (dressed weight under 50 lbs.), where the hunter's fee will remain at $40.00.
Venison has become a very valuable item at the food banks. Donations will still be accepted if hunters wish to help with the cost of processing, but will not be mandatory.

How to help/Make a donation

Hunters Helping the Hungry Inc. needs your support. All donations go directly towards the cost of deer processing and storing the meat. Please fill out the coupon below, and send with your donation to:

Hunters Helping the Hungry Inc.
P.O. Box 587
Lebanon, N.J. 08833

Hunters – Donate Your Deer Meat! For a minimum donation of $25.00 towards the cost of processing an average sized deer, we can provide up to 200 servings. Contact a HHH rep in your area for more information, and help us feed the hungry.

Make checks payable to “HHH” and mail your donation today to:
Hunters Helping the Hungry, Inc.
P.O. Box 587
Lebanon, N.J. 08833
Phone (optional)________________________
Email (optional)_________________________

HHH is a 501-(C)(3) organization and your contribution is tax deductible.


Here’s one more way to help generate valuable funds for HHH. Do your shopping through the link below. That’s right, without any effect on your price a portion of each sale will be returned to HHH. The more you shop, the higher the percentage. What a great way to do your Holiday Shopping!

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