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Bringhurst Fine Meats/Catering joins the HHH Team


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Joining our list of approved buthers. Bringhurst Fine Meats/Catering 38 W. Taunton Road Berlin, NJ 08009



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Through November 28th, 2014 HHH has helped deliver over 10,000 pounds of venison equating to 40,000 meals to the New Jersey food bank system. But we can do better! Due to the generosity of our volunteers, sponsors, hunters and contributors, we believe we have enough funds to absorb the fees for the hunters in January and February, 2015. Normally our hunters contribute $10 to $20 per deer. For the first 250 deer donated starting January 1, 2015, hunters will not have to contribute $10 to $20 for each deer. Hunters already spend time and money harvesting deer. Please allow this special program to be an invitation to get back out in the woods with a sole purpose of putting food on the table of those in need. You will also receive a special gift from our participating butchers. HHH is a 501-C3 not for profit organization. There are currently no state or federal funds for the program. The entire program is run directly from your donations. Over 1,400,000 meals have been distributed since the beginning in 1997. In the 2013/2014 season, over 18,000 pounds of venison were donated to this program. Over 72,000 meals! At a cost of roughly $1 per pound! Earlier this year we had several events/fundraisers: Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays event, Black Knights 3D Bow Shoot, John McMahon Family Night, Striper Fishing Trip and the Pequest Open House. All events were very successful. Thank you to all who came out and supported us. This fall we had another Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays event and we also spoke to 1,000’s of enthusiasts at the Wild EXPO at Colliers Mills. For 2015, we will be at Cabelas in Hamburg PA. We are planning on a “date night” at Heritage Guild in Easton PA in March. Clay shoot and fishing trip again in May. Among our many other events large and small. As usual check out our website for more info. Hope to see you. We recently developed a relationship with Sourland Conservancy (see their website): We will follow up with you on progress with this relationship in the months to come. Stay tuned! We are also working with Hunterdon Land Trust, they have a stewardship program which includes deer hunting management goals. See their Website: Our goal is to have an approved butcher in every county in our great state. We need your help with this. If you know of a butcher in your county (specifically Mercer, Warren and Sussex Counties), please spread the HHH word to them. We will work directly with them to get them set up as an official HHH butcher. We did add another butcher in Hunterdon County; Hunterdon Deer Butcher; Jimmy Riccardo, 51 Old Franklin School Road, Pittstown, NJ 08867 (908) 797–2315. How can you help?! Following are a couple of ideas that that can help HHH with just a click of the mouse! Do you GoodSearch? Switch your search engine on the computer to Good Search. Type in Hunters Helping the Hungry, NJ where it asks “Who do you GoodSearch for?”. Your computer will save this setting. GoodSearch is a search engine powered by Yahoo. For every search you make on the world wide web, a penny is donated to HHH. These pennies add up quick if everyone you know switches to GoodSearch! Do you shop at Amazon? First go to On the lower right side of the home page there is a link for shopping at Click on this link and start shopping at 4%-10% of the total cost of anything you buy will be donated back to Hunters Helping the Hungry. This will not change the cost of any items you are buying. There is a tremendous potential here for raising a ton of money, especially when shopping around Christmas time! For those of you on our mailing lists…THANK YOU for your donations, financial contributions, time, and deer. Hunting season is upon us and you played a major part in helping those not as fortunate as most in New Jersey. Please pass this mailer on to your friends, the larger our network the more good we can accomplish! Joe Schultz Les Giese Bud Thomas Mark Charbonneau John Person Pola Galie